Tres Picos Garnacha

Tres Picos Grenache is a popular red wine made from the Grenache grape in the Campo de Borja region of Spain. It gets its name from the three peaks of the Moncayo mountain range that are visible from the vineyards where the grapes are grown.

This full-bodied wine is aged in French oak barrels for six months, giving it a deep ruby color with intense flavors of black cherry, raspberry, and black pepper. The tannins are firm yet smooth, and the wine has a long finish.

Tres Picos Grenache is a versatile wine that pairs well with roasted meats, stews, and strong cheeses. It is also great to enjoy on its own. Wine enthusiasts appreciate Tres Picos Grenache for its high quality and reasonable price point, making it an excellent value.

This wine has received accolades from wine critics and consistently scores high in blind tastings. If you’re looking for a delicious and affordable red wine, Tres Picos Grenache is definitely worth a try.

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